Sunset Overdrive The Mystery of Mooil Rig Released



Sunset Overdrive The Mystery of Mooil Rig

Sunset Overdrive‘s recently revealed DLC Mystery of Mooil Rig has just been released and contains various mechanics and enemies that build upon the diverse set already available. The DLC promises to give the player an intense experience set in a brand new environment that offers up various new challenges.

Mystery of Mooil Rig pits the player against two rival gangs that have had a growing hatred for each other ever since the original outbreak, and now the tension has become too much and this petty rivalry has morphed into an all out war. The war not only causes mass chaos but it also obtains the attention of the aquatic OD or sea mutants.

The DLC is available now for Xbox One and will be available to all who own the season pass.

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