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New Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Video

Ubisoft’s ‘Behind the Wall’ video series has now turned towards their tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. A variety of new mechanics were showcased but the one highlighted is the fact that character movements can be interrupted.

If you have ever played an FPS before you will have experienced the pain of your character arming a bomb, and then out of no where someone happily walks up to you and stabs you. This will thankfully  never be an issue in Siege as these movements can be stopped instantly, making trolls jobs just a little bit harder.

rainbow-six-siege (1)

A dev working on the game said “More specifically they define the capabilities of your character, how you control those capabilities, and the camera for how to visualize them. They’re the backbone of player interaction because pretty much everything you do with your avatar is defined by them.”

Rainbow Six Siege will be available 2015 for PS4, Xbox One., and PC.

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