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(Another) New Far Cry 4 Trailer

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New Far Cry 4 Trailer

So with mere weeks before the release of the highly anticipated release of Far Cry 4, Ubisoft have released another trailer for the upcoming AAA title.

The new Far Cry 4 trailer does showcase some of the more interesting aspects of the game and also gives you a little taste of the story. Ubisoft are very keen to let the players know that it is a “massive open world environment” and that decisions played out during the game will have dire consequences to the characters.

Far Cry 4 Logo Art
FarCry 4

We’ve been told that the Far Cry 4 exploration starts at the get go. The player will receive their wingsuit a lot sooner than the previous title and that the mountainous environment will make for some great visual moments throughout the game.

For one I was a little disappointed with the Far Cry 4 demo at PAX AUS mainly due to the lack of innovation that I was expecting from the title. Hopefully the game will impress everyone upon release.

Are you excited for Far Cry 4?

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