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Colossatron FREE Across All Platforms

A Massive World Threat just got cheaper.

ColossatronColossatron free

Halfbrick today announced a permanent cut to the price of Colossatron: Massive World ThreatYou can now control the giant robot snake we first laid eyes on at PAX Australia for free on Amazon, Google Play and the iOS App Store.

There are still in-app purchases, however in our Colossatron Review, we didn’t find them to invasive.

Colossatron has some massive boss fights and intense battles. Easy enough to pick up and play, the match-3 style puzzle game puts you in the position of the titular robotic snake.

Colossatron Release Date

By attaching 3 Powercores of the same colour onto Colossatron you can increase their power and keep hammering through General Moustache’s (and Earth’s) defences.

Halfbrick Studios is also the team behind Fruit Ninja KinectRaskulls, and Fruit Ninja: Puss In Boots.

According to their announcement,“Their desks are littered with Voltron statues, Transformers and a range of collectibles. It’s safe to say they’re huge fans of ‘90s cartoons and old-school anime!”

Colossatron at PAX Australia
Colossatron at PAX Australia

So if you didn’t get into Colossatron before, there’s little excuse not to give it a try. Massive World Threat is a fun strategy game to pass the time on your mobile device.


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Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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