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Leaked Playstation 4 + PS Vita Bundle

Amazon France may have leaked a little surprise that would happen anyway.

The surprise was The PS Vita + Playstation 4 bundle, it’s a no-brainer seeing that the PS4 and Vita, which have many features that intertwine with each other. The Playstation 4 supports direct Remote-play integration with the PS Vita; allowing users to play PS4 games like Infamous: Second Son as featured as featured on the box on the image above, and especially because cross-buying games is a thing featured on the PSN store.

Ultimate Bundle
All things considered, you won’t save much on the bundle…

The “Ultimate Player Edition” bundle as it’s called, was listed for €579, or around $847 AU dollars, and is to be expected to go on sale July 4th. The Ultimate Player Edition comes with a Playstation 4 and a PS Vita 2000, the latest one to come out, which is slimmer and sports an OLED screen instead of a LED screen like the original Vita.

This bundle may also be the same bundle that was rumoured in late December last year…

Bundle Rumour
The Bundle Rumour back in December…

In February, John Koller, Playstations Hardware Marketing executive said they weren’t interested in such a bundle but; “it’s an interesting proposition…”, but that being said, Phill Spencer, Head of Xbox said that they had no plans for a ‘Kinect-less Xbox One’, and now they say that the Console will be sold without Kinect camera, and thus making the console more powerful, graphic wise, and in hopes that this will make the console jump from 720p to 1080p.

According to Digital Foundry that 10% of the consoles graphic resources were taken up by the Kinect and Apps.

PS Koller
John Koller, Sony Playstations Hardware Marketing Executive.

Back to the Bundle though, it will probability include PS4/Vita titles, as what titles? That much is unclear. But we can definitely the titles should be able to promote, cross-play/remote-play games (as mentioned above), like the Borderlands 2 port to the Playstation Vita.

Maybe there will be some news at E3 2014, which is coming up shortly in just a few days…

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