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Daylight Date Delayed Three Weeks

Bad news for the horror buffs among us. Upcoming Zombie Studios title, Daylight, has seen its release date pushed back until the end of April.


Originally the game was slated for a release on the 8th of the month but the development encountered issues with the procedural generation of levels. This genre of game often relies on triggers and cues to release certain enemies or make noises. Procedurally generated levels can wreak havoc with fixed cues and it makes sense that they encountered a delay.

Daylight tunnel

The good news here is that the purpose of pushing the release date back is to make the game scarier. I for one was holding out to play Daylight on Tuesday but if it means that waiting will yield a better overall experience, it’ll be a positive step. A word of caution, however: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs also suffered delays in an attempt to better the game but still came up short. Hopefully Zombie Studios and Atlus can avoid a similar fate.

Daylight Hanging

Another bonus of the whole affair is the release of a new trailer. This is most definitely the more unnerving video from Daylight. I may not be a fan of them displaying one of the haunts that seem to be following our protagonist. Things like these often remain scarier the longer they are unseen. As I said, though, it is the spookiest leak Atlus have given us.

Daylight Shadow

One final boon for players is a discounted release price. Pre-orders of Daylight will be available for 33% off (paying $9.99) until release day. The two weeks following release, Playstation Plus subscribers will be able to get that 33% off and non-subscribers will be paying $11.99. After the two weeks are up, Daylight will set you back $14.99.


Check out the Somebody’s Watching trailer here.


Daylight can now be expected to hit Playstation 4s and PCs on April 29th.




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