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Horror Title Daylight Release Announce Amongst New Screens and Features

April 8 Rings In The New Year of Survival Horror with Zombie Studios’ Release

More news floods out for horror fans after the announcement of The Evil Within‘s release date as Zombie Studios follows suit and lets us know when we can expect their foray into the darkness, Daylight.

Prior to this, all we knew was that Daylight was expected to be released in the early part of this year. We can now tell you that Steam and the Playstation store will see the game on April 8th. With a price around EURO 14.99 (having not yet seen a dollar price), Daylight won’t even come close to breaking the bank.

Daylight gr

Release and price were not the only exciting titbits of information Zombie have put out there. New locals and screenshots aside, it has been confirmed that 3D-enabled TVs (for the PS4) and computers will be supported.

How prevalent these technologies are in consumer households is a mystery, however. To me, 3D technology screams redundancy in movies, and especially in games. Although if there was one genre I could see it working, it’s survival horror.

Daylight interior set

Another cool plan Zombie has for Daylight is integrating both the PS4’s share button but also Twitch streaming for PC players. It’s no secret that sharing this sort of game with other people just makes it more enjoyable and the Twitch chat features really go a long way to highlight this.

It has been stressed that the feature has not been finalised but one example that we have seen is a viewer in the Twitch chat can type, say, “Meow” and the game will make the sound of a cat. Maybe this will open the game up to internet trolls for popular streamers but this level of interactivity is very exciting.

Daylight doll

One criticism I had of Daylight in our previous article was the choice of location was very stereotypical of survival horror games. While there is nothing wrong with hospitals and sewers, per se, it is nothing new and very expected. This is a trend that continued with the announcement of two more levels: a makeshift prison and a forest. These two arenas offer contrasting challenges for players: one with narrow hallways and the other an open area with nowhere to really hide.

All-in-all Daylight is something I’m getting increasingly excited about as more details become available. Coming out in under two months is another huge reason for it, too; effectively beginning the train of games that are going to sap my money. Just check out a few of the latest screens (a few give decent indications of the size of the levels) and keep an eye out for the suspiciously smiley tree in the one below.

Daylight suspicious smiley tree


Play Daylight on PS4 or PC or even just scare your friends through Twitch chat integration as of April 8!



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