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Data Mining Pt.1

main pipeline

To find information on the Warrior’s whereabouts you’re going to need to infiltrate Hyperion’s Info Stockade. Mordecai points you to the main pipeline used in Handsome Jack’s eridium processing operation located in Arid Nexus. For those of you who played the first game you’ll recognize the area: it’s the Arid Badlands. This once desolate, but starkly beautiful area is now overrun with Jack’s pipelines and pumping stations. Along with being a general douche, it seems Jack also has no regard for natural beauty. What a jerk. Anyways, this pipeline will lead you right to the Hyperion Info Stockade. So let’s get to it in Data Mining.

Head to the main pipeline located in the middle of the map. You’ll experience some earthquakes from the eridium mining as you drive through the map, but they won’t do you any harm. A ladder leads up to the entrance, but as soon as you attempt to climb it the earthquakes knock the ladder loose and onto the ground. Mordecai, in his frustration comes over the ECHO to help you find a way in. His plan is fairly simple: make your own opening. Head to the pumping station in the area to increase the pressure on the pipeline, making it burst open.

pump station 2


The pumping station will be near the exit leading to the Eridium Blight. Several Hyperion soldiers and bots are guarding the area, but they aren’t all the average Hyperion lackey. You’ll be dealing with two new soldier types in the form of an infiltrator and hawks. Infiltrators can go invisible, but as long as you take out their shields the sneaky bad guys will become visible again. Hawks are fire-centric soldiers whose weapons can burn you up in only a few shots. Take cover if you need to avoid their shots and recover from damage. The new bot form is the JET loader. These transformer-like bots can turn into jets and fire off missiles that deal some heavy damage. Deal with them much like any other bot with corrosive weaponry.

Continue to the top of the station where the two pump valves are. Expect some intense resistance here as a whole flood of Hyperion soldiers and bots show up to prevent you from turning the valves. Once they’re out-of-the-way turn both valves. Mordecai informs you there are two more pump stations you need to hit in order to make the pipeline burst. One is located in the east while the other sits in the west. You can attack either one in whatever order you see fit, but for the sake of going in order head to the one in the east first. You’ll need to take an elevator down to find the valves. Several bots will be guarding the area so lay on the corrosive damage. Once the room is cleared turn the valves.

pump station 3


Head back to the surface and head to the third pump station. You won’t be facing any resistance as you enter the station. Turn both valves and Mordecai will come over the ECHO to inform you the pipe is just ready to burst. His plan for breaking it is also going to involve your vehicle. Sound interesting. However, as you leave several Hyperion bots and soldiers will make their appearance.

So much for easy. Either stay and fight or hop back in your vehicle and head back to the bursting pipeline. We’ll making the trip to the Hyperion Info Stockade next time.




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