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Toil and Trouble Pt.1


Toil and Trouble – Borderlands 2 Guideeridium blight screen


Things are finally being set into motion to take down Handsome Jack and the Warrior, but first you’re going to need to find him. More than likely he is going to be wherever the Warrior can be raised. Mordecai points you in the direction of Eridium Blight to find some information.

Head for the fast travel station in the center of town and go to the Dust. You’ll be transported to Ellie’s garage putting you near a much needed Catch-A-Ride station. Drive west towards the entrance to Eridium Blight. The area fits its namesake, with broken ground, dangerous fumes rising from cracks in the planet and a massive volcano loosing a steady flow of lava across the landscape. Mordecai mentions the area was somewhat unsavory before hand, but the Eridium mining has managed to make it worse.

raised bridge


Your next objective will be to reach Arid Nexus. Travel along the road until you find a gate that will lead you south. As soon as you attempt to get through a Hyperion turret activates and several Hyperion loaders drop from the sky. New SGT loaders will make their first appearance along with a couple of WAR loaders. Use your finest corrosive weaponry to destroy them and continue on through the gate. Continue following the road towards the Arid Nexus entrance. Watch out for bedrock bullymongs along the way as they pack more of a punch than their snowy cousins.

Reaching the bridge to Arid Nexus won’t be difficult, but once you reach the bridge leading there the security sensors activate and cut off the bridge. Well, we won’t be going there anytime soon. Stumped with what to do next, Mordecai goes to Brick for answers. His answer involves the usual Pandoran solution: lots of explosions. Meet him at Sawtooth Cauldron to find out exactly what he wants to accomplish.

Sawtooth Cauldron is going to be on the other side of the map in the northeast of the area. You’ll find the entrance underneath a large, long pipe. When you enter Brick comes over mentioning the Sawtooth gang runs the area and they’ve been selling out Vault Hunters to Jack. Luckily, there will be plenty of them to shoot here and as Brick mentions, “Do it with a smile.” There will be an ammo and health vendor at the entrance so pick up some supplies for the long fight ahead. The Sawteeth will begin attacking as soon as you enter their territory. Be prepared to face off with bandits of every type from marauders, goliaths and nomads to elemental variants of nomads and goliaths.



Fight your way to Smoking Guano Grotto. When you reach it brick will inform you to ascend the Inferno Tower and destroy the gangs buzzards. Fighting through the grotto is going to be similar to fighting your way through Sawtooth Cauldron. You’ll be dealing with many different bandit types, so use your best weapons and spam the hell out of your special ability until you reach the elevator.

Hit the button to call the elevator down to your level. The Sawteeth leader, Mortar, comes over the ECHO to inform his men you’re heading for the buzzards. Hold them off until the elevator comes down and be wary of the ambush commander. This massive nomad with a phalanx shield can repel most hits and take a beating. Use grenades to damage him if you can’t attack him from behind.

Turns out the elevator isn’t coming down. The only way to get to Mortar is to destroy his personal buzzard. Someone is going to be really pissed off in the next part of Toil and Trouble.

Toil and Trouble Part 2



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