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The Man Who Would Be Jack

 The Man Who Would Be Jack РBorderlands 2 Guide


With the Claptrap update and the help of the Slabs for the eventual siege, you have only one more obstacle to contend with in order to reach Angel and the Vault Key. A door encrypted to only Jacks voice leads into Angel’s room. You’re going to need to find a way to get a hold of the maniacs voice to trick the encryption. Angel informs you the solution to your problem may lie in the Hyperion built city, Opportunity.

Fast travel to the Highlands-Hyperion Bridge. Grab a vehicle from the nearby Catch-A-Ride station and head over the bridge to reach Opportunity. The city is still under construction so don’t worry about possible civilian casualties. Nothing, but Hyperion bots and goons are patrolling the area. Angel informs you the best way to get a hold of some of Jack’s DNA and vocal cords is by finding one of Jack’s body doubles hanging out in the city. Head south deeper into the city. You’ll be dealing with plenty of loaders, engineers and in certain areas, constructors, as you fight through the city.

man who would be jack[]

Jack’s body double will be hiding out in the center of the city inside Opportunity Square. He’ll bring a whole host of different loaders and engineers to protect him. His shields are strong so use a shock weapon to deplete the shield and take him out with said weapon or something more effective. After killing him and clearing the area pick up the pocket watch the body double drops. This will be the DNA you need for the door, but you will still need a way to capture Jacks voice for the second part of the door.

As usual Angel has a plan. There are several info kiosks in Opportunity featuring Jacks voice. You’ll need to find five of them in order for Angel to have enough samples to create a voice modulator for you. The first is conveniently located right in Opportunity Square. The remaining for will be in the surrounding area of the Square. Be warned: every kiosk you approach will trigger assaults from Hyperion forces. Stay on your toes and clear the area of enemies as you record the kiosk information.

man who would be jack[]

Once all of the recordings are collected head back towards Opportunity Square to upload the voice samples. The room you need to access is under the fountain and statue of Jack right outside the Square. A HOT loader will come strolling out when you open the room, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Place the pocket watch into the machine and upload the samples. Angel will formulate the files to create the voice modulator. Pick it up once she’s finished and your task will be complete.

Head back to Sanctuary to hand in the quest and collect your reward.

The Man Who Would Be Jack REWARD:

Money: 4 eridium

Experience: 9869

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