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Side Quest – Clan Wars End of the Rainbow

Clan Wars End of the Rainbow

Clan Wars End of the Rainbow


As soon as you pick up the dead drop the quest begins. It seems the hodunks want to commit an act of robbery on the Zaford stash down in the basement. Head towards the basement of the Holy Spirit’s. The bagman appears not too far down the steps and due to the conversation he’s having with the voice in his head he is also a mad man. Follow him, but keep your distance, or you’ll fail the mission.

Clan Wars End of the Rainbow[]

When you reach the stash you’ll see the bagman inspecting the goods and there is a lot of it. While he safely assumes there won’t be an ambush, make your moves and prove him wrong. Use a strong shock weapon to deplete his shields. Even for a little guy he can be a tough enemy to manage.

Use your best weapons to take down the sucker and the stash is yours to loot. The side objective states there are 10 chests to loot, but there are actually four more to collect from. Collect these chests first then use the bagman’s key to open the loot the Hodunks were looking for. Collect all the other chests first before using the key or you won’t access be able to access the extra loot.

Clan Wars End of the Rainbow


With the cash in hand return to Jimbo Hodunk to deliver the cash and retrieve your very fine reward for being an excellent double agent.

Clan Wars End of the Rainbow REWARD:

Item: shotgun

Experience: 3208



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