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Dead Rising 3 Gameplay Trailer [E3 2013]

Dead Rising 3

Capcom have announced during Microsoft’s E3 press conference this week, Dead Rising 3, which will be exclusively released on the Xbox One console.

Dead Rising 3 is set in the new fictional city of Los Perdidos, California and takes place 10 years after the Fortune City zombie outbreak in Dead Rising 2. As well as a new city and zombie outbreak, the upcoming zombie title will feature a new protagonist, Nick Ramos, a once orphan now turned mechanic.

Dead Rising 3 will take up a new gaming experience introducing a new up close third person gameplay, as well as a more defined aiming and shooting system.

Custom built weapons, one the main mechanics of combat in the Dead Rising series will return in Dead Rising 3, and will also be more open in terms of finding ingredients to build better weapons. Your entire surroundings can be picked up and used as a weapon or combined with another ingredient to make a new weapons such as a hammer and a saw to make a pounding slicer or a flash light and  a gun to make a lighted fire arm.

Work benches will no longer be needed to create weapons as Nick can simply make a new weapon on the spot.

Abandon cars will also play a vital role in traveling, as Nick can jump in to an abandon car and drive around, which will help in saving time, health and mowing down crowds of zombies, however be warned zombies can latch on to cars  and windows which allow them to attack Nick.

The running ability has also been modified making it more easier to escape from large crowds since Capcom have made Nick more of a flexible and fast athlete.

Dead Rising 3 has not received a release but rumours have said that it will be released exclusively in November on the Xbox One console.

Check out the 6 minute gameplay trailer down below.

[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”Dead%20Rising%203%20-%20E3%20Trailer%20Gameplay%20″ ratio=”4:3″ theme=”light” autohide=”1″ fs=”1″ loop=”1″ hd=”1″]



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