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Infamous: Second Son Gameplay Trailer [E3 2013]

Second SonSucker Punch’s exclusive to PlayStation Infamous series has debuted its next installment, Infamous: Second Son’s first E3 official trailer.

The trailer provides a more in-depth information regarding the main character, his relationship with his family as well as the kind of person he is. Compared to the previous trailer that was released in February, which only was meant to give a brief glimpse of the graphic potential as well as a rough idea as to what the main character looked like, who he is, the threat he was facing, the powers he possessed and where it was going to be based. The new trailer offers a lot more insight terms of gameplay.

Infamous: Second Son will follow the same gameplay methods displayed is the previous Infamous titles, with the abilities of projectile shooting and causing massive explosions, however the main character will not command electricity as Cole did in the previous Infamous titles but will have the power to control smoke.

New abilities are introduced such as the ability to teleport, as well as the introduction of a new melee whip weapon and a new ascending/descending aerial ability.

Check out the trailer below!

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”inFAMOUS%20Second%20Son%20E3%202013%20Trailer” theme=”light” autohide=”1″ fs=”1″ loop=”1″ hd=”1″]

You can expect the same option of being a hero or an anti-hero as choices will be presented before you to either be a beacon of hope or another chaos bringer, the choice is yours.

Infamous: Second Son will center around the new character Delsin Rowe, a troubled young man with a reputation of getting into trouble with the law, which weighs heavily on his brother straining their relationship, as he is a member of the local law enforcement and the man behind arresting Delsin every time he decides to be vigilante.

Infamous: Second Son will be set in Seattle and will see the main protagonist take his fight up against Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P), an agency made to restrain and military contain any citizens that may have super power capabilities, which was assembled due to the events of Infamous 2 and the catastrophic state New Marais was left in.

No release date has been confirmed for Infamous: Second Son other than it will be exclusively released on the PlayStation 4 console later on this year.

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