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Borderlands 2 Guide-Side Quest: Mine All Mine

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eridium mine

You can pick this quest up from Lilith. After stealing the loads of cash in your recent train robbery, Lilith knows where the bandits are mining their eridium for Hyperion. She needs you to clear out the bandits and officially find out if Hyperion is who they’re working for.  Due northwest of Tiny Tina’s headquarter, you’ll find this massive mining operation.

conveyor belts[]

Several bandits are patrolling the area. The miners you’re looking for are the ones who appear as lab rat enemies. These bandits have the ability to burrow underground and flank you with ease when they reappear. You’ll need to kill ten of them in order to satisfy this objective and there are plenty of them so get to cracking those skulls.

prospector zeke


When the bandits are wiped out, you’ll need to find the groups head prospector, named Zeke. Climb the containers on the far right side of the mine and start climbing the belts moving eridium down the line. When you reach the top you’ll find Zeke. Make quick work of him and his remaining bandit friends. Zeke will drop something after he’s been killed. It’s a recording from a Hyperion representative about how the bandits can expect their payment. This is all the evidence you need to know Hyperion is behind the operation.

Turn this mission into Tiny Tina and most of the work in Tundra Express is complete.


Money: 4 eridium

Experience: 2069

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