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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-Arms Dealing

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overlook mailbox

This quest can be found on Overlooks bounty board. Zed needs your help acquiring some “merchandise” for his shop. These are literal arms you’re dealing with so you will need to gather them quickly. You’ll only have two minutes to collect them. Here is the best way I found to getting to all of them.

arm 1[]

Arm #1

The first one is right outside of Overlook inside a mailbox (which is the container for all of the arms). Simply grab it and the clock will begin ticking.

Arm #2

The second arm can be found in the furthest southwest corner of the Highlands. It will be in the outpost next to the bridge. You’ll need to climb the ladder to reach it, where the compound sits. Watch for the threshers, but don’t waste time trying to kill them. Follow this rule for every other enemy you come across in this quest.

Arm #3

You can find this arm in the center of the Highland map to the Mercury Induction Center. It will be in front of the Hyperion storage container. Watch out for EXP loaders.

Arm #4

Arm number four is in a mailbox next to the Isotope Reclamation Center. Several stalkers will be inhabiting the pit, making grabing this one a little claustrophobic and difficult. The small shanty house’s door will prevent you from making an easy exit too. Simply climb the boxes near by and climb over the roof.

Arm #5

The final one will be up at the Old Mill just right up the hill from the Reclamation Center. Drive up and grab it from its mailbox then simply drive off the cliff to return the arms.

zed po box[]

Return the arms to Dr. Zed’s P.O. Box in Overlook and you’ll be well rewarded for this rather suspicious and odd job. Ah, well. Who cares as long as you’re getting paid.


Money: $173

Item: random shield or artifact

Experience: 1604

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