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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-The Overlooked: Shields Up

overlook grinder


Overlook is still in need of some help. Now that the citizens have their anti-brain rotting medicine, it’s on to the next step in the town’s revolt. Karima needs your help establishing a shield to protect them from Hyperion bombardments.

The process is fairly simple: take five shields you no longer use (or purchase them from the medicine vendor) and toss them into the town’s grinder. The bits of the shield will be spat out after they’re thrown in. The rude and annoying citizen, Dave, also proceeds to harass Karima over the fact she’s a woman. What a jerk.

test cannon[vgfaq.com]

Hand over the shield bits over to Karima and it’ll be a job well done. Now all that needs to be done is to test the shield’s potential. Drive out to the Hyperion facility where you found one of Tannis’ lost echos. Don’t worry, you won’t have to fight all the way to the top this time. Instead, when you reach the stairs that begin your ascent you’ll see a balcony with the cannon you’ll be using to test the towns shields. Karima will assist you in firing off the shot and hitting your target. All you need to do is twist some knobs and push a button. Fire the cannon and it smashes into one of the towns houses falling into the chasm. It’s okay it was only that sexist pig Dave, so who cares.

Okay, now for the true test with the shield on. Fire the cannon again…and success! The shield manages to protect the town from the blast. Head back to Overlook and retrieve your reward from Karima for all of your help.


Money: $173

Item: Random shield and SMG

Experience: 4812



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