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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-Positive Self Image

technical battle


After the trials and tribulations of A Dam Fine Rescue we’re going to do something a little more simple this week. No matter where the boss fight went down in A Dam Fine Rescue, head to the Dust and pay Ellie a visit. A bandit gang known as the Hodunks have been riding around their bandit technicals with hood ornaments mocking Ellie’s appearance. You’d think Ellie would be angry, but instead she adores the look and wouldn’t mind having those statues decorating her garage. Looks like your going to need to kill some bandits to get them. Then again this is Pandora, so how else are you going to get it from them?

ellie statue


You need to take down six of their technicals in order to collect each statue. When the technical is destroyed simply drive over the statue when it falls to the ground to pick each one up.

statue placement


Return to Ellie’s garage with the statues and help her set them up around the shop. The placement for each statue is highlighted around the garage, so finding and placing the decorations is easy to do. Once they’re all in place go back to Ellie and receive the reward for your excellent interior design skills.


Experience: 1820

Item: Vehicle relic

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