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StarCraft II – Breaking Bronze


Ever felt incredibly depressed watching the pros play StarCraft II in tournaments such as the GSLs (Global Starcraft League) or the MLGs (Major League Gaming)? You watch on earnestly, dreaming to be able to move your fingers that fast on the keyboard and have the game sense to know how to counter moves in swift precision.

If this is you and you’re stuck on StarCraft II’s ladder still in bronze league then you should seriously consider checking out a recently created community called Breaking Bronze. It is a newly formed Twitch channel that follows the path of Dooombie making his way from Bronze up the StarCraft II ranks.

The live stream also gets viewers involved by having their matches cast and commentary and constructive criticism is provided.

Breaking Bronze
The environment is that of encouragement and learning where die-hard StarCraft fans who may not be as good as the Naniwa’s or MVPs of Star Craft can mingle and feel at ease. Each night there is generally a lesson to be learnt and demonstrated. There are more experienced players who lend their knowledge and commentary during matches too which is invaluable.

Stay tuned for January 21st where a 16 player ‘Breaking Bronze’ tournament will be held for all players. More details are expected to be announced soon.

It’s exciting to see a community such as this grow and develop. As I write this article up tonight, it is a great sign to see the chat going on between players discussing different strats, all awaiting Dooombie to login and start playing.

Still finding your feet when it comes to StarCraft? Check out our StarCraft II: What You Need to Know guide. Dan has also been streaming some competitive gaming over at his Twitch channel nfgDan, go check it out.



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