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Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest-A Dam Fine Rescue Pt. 2

bloodshot gate


Back so soon? Ok, here’s part 2 of the rescue!
Grab a bandit technical from Ellie’s shop and head back to Three Horns Valley. Drive up to the gate and honk your horn. The Bloodshots don’t have the slightest clue that it’s you, opening the gate immediately for you. As soon as you step out open fire on the unsuspecting bandits. There are only a few crazed marauders in the area, making clearing the area fairly easy. Head toward the stronghold’s front entrance. Before you can set foot on the drawbridge, it’s drawn up and a huge nomad named Bad Maw hops down.

The massive bandit is carrying the usual phalanx nomad shield with a sadistic twist. He’s placed three midgets in front to stop your bullets (which makes the midgets masochistic, I guess). Anyway, as you’ll soon find out this doesn’t make his shield any more helpful. Simply shoot the midgets until they die, uncovering a massive hole in the shield. Aim all of your shots at the hole to deal as much damage as possible. While he may be slow, stay on the move as his wide steps can still close the distance between you and him quickly. With some good guns and your ability the brute should fall in no time.

bad maw 2[]

When Bad Maw dies he’ll drop the key to the drawbridge. The wheel to the bridge is to the left of it. Insert the key and the bridge will open. Head inside.

The main lobby to the Bloodshot Stronghold has a couple of vendors for you to restock. After collecting some supplies climb the stairs and you’ll come to your first room populated with bandits. There are only a few crazed marauders and psychos in the room. Keep an eye out for suicide psychos and their explosives as they can make this fairly simple room a nightmare. Before you leave the slightly flooded room there’s a safe on the room’s western side. Bash the lock to get yourself a nice chunk of cash.


Continue north to the next room to find another safe to break into. Open it up and loot everything else in the room before moving forward. The next area is a wide room with a small bunker on the west wall. This room is also crawling with several tough bandits: you’ll need to deal with two brutes. These guys can take a punch, so use explosives and the elemental barrels in the room to deal out some damage to the freaks. Also, hang back, take cover and let your enemies come to you until their numbers thin out. The other challenging enemy in the room is a nomad torturer on top of the bunker. Imagine Mad Jaw except slightly less powerful. Use the same tactics you used on him by killing the midget on his shield to reveal the hole in it and take him down from there.

Loot the bunker and the rest of the room and continue forward. You’ll run into a couple more crazed marauders, but don’t expect much else in the way of resistance. Head down the steps…where you WILL come across a lot more resistance. There are several nomads and Bloodshot bandits guarding the area. Oh, and on the other side of the room there’s a massive turret. Follow the same pattern as the last room: hang back and let most of the enemies come to you.

The best approach with the turret is to move back to the entrance of the room and take the right side to try to flank it. The walkway has walled sections which should provide cover from the turret. Toss a grenade or use anything explosive to take care of the turret. The rest of the room should be easy enough to clear.

centeral room

Exit the room and continue forward. Follow the flight of steps up and then down again. You’ll come to a massive room with three levels. This room is loaded with several bandits and the space provided makes it easy for them to flank and snipe you. Take cover and move forward slowly taking out bandits as best you can. Use everything in your arsenal to stem their tide as you wind up. When you reach the second level cross the bridge and use the cover as more enemies attack. When you reach the other side take the stairs up to the third level of the room. Another badass nomad named Mad Mike makes an appearance. He’s got a powerful explosive shotgun that can tear you apart in a couple of shots. Use the usual nomad strategy, but try to keep your distance to stay out of range of his shotgun.

Head through the door he came through and you’ll come across, you guessed it, more bandits. This time there are two more bruisers here. Use the concrete barriers as cover and start tagging and bagging as many bandits as you can. Once you’re done on the lower level take the stairs up to deal the remaining marauders and bandits.

jail cell


The next room is going to be another overwhelming one. There is a small out post with two tunnels leading into it and of course the bandits use both of them to flank you. Hold your ground and let some of them come to you to thin out their numbers. When enough of them are dead start pushing through the left tunnel, which has water flowing from it. Shoot through your enemies until you come out the other side. You’ll come up to a balcony over looking some more bandits. Clear them out.

roland cell[]

Continue up the steps towards the jail cells. Several psychos and suicide psychos will make a last ditch charge. Use a shotgun or weapon with the heavy damage to stop their attacks. There’s only one bruiser in the back, so take cover to deal with him after the psychos are down. Walk to the end of the hall and take a left. There you’ll finally find Roland sitting in a cell. But before you can break him out a Hyperion loader busts through the wall and kidnaps him. Well, looks like your going to need to chase him down.

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