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Capcom confirms Resident Evil 6 Predator, Survivors and Onslaught modes for Xbox 360

Capcom have confirmed that Resident Evil 6 will have new exclusive add on game content for the Xbox 360 version, consisting of Predator, Survivors and Onslaught modes, which will be available to download from the Xbox Live® Marketplace on the 18th of December.

Each mode expands on the gamer’s multiplayer elements, providing new and exciting ways for gamer’s to further enjoy Capcom’s recent Resident Evil title.

Predator Mode

Resident Evil 6 Predator

Predator Mode allows one player to take control of the B.O.W Ustanak, the main antagonist in Jake and Sherry’s campaign. While the other players take the role of the humans, as they try to take down the over steroidal giant and survive.

Survivor Mode

Resident Evil 6 Survivors

Survivor Mode is your classic last man or team standing wins, allowing two to six players to compete. However, it does come with a few changes. When you are killed you respawn as an enemy character and are automatically equipped with their abilities. Also, if you are an enemy character and successfully take down a human character you automatically change back into your previous human form.

Onslaught Mode

Resident Evil 6 Onslaught

Onslaught mode puts two players against each other as they attempt to clear waves of oncoming enemies. The more combo points you earn the more successful you are in your goal towards winning.

Each mode will be priced at 320 Microsoft Points and there will also be a bundle pack including all three modes, which will be priced at 720 Microsoft Points.

Resident Evil 6 is available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.




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