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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest – Cult Following: Eternal Flame

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Good to see you back for anotherĀ installment of the Borderlands 2 Guide! Lets get straight into it…

Head back to Sanctuary and talk to Lilith. While she was holding the front lines in Frostburn Canyon, she managed to start a cult…surrounding her. With her no longer there she isn’t sure what kinds of shady activities these lunatics are up to. She wants you to infiltrate their society and find out what is going on.

Fast travel to Frostburn Canyon and head towards the small camp near the trail that leads to Lilith’s lair. Instead of taking the trail down towards the lair keep moving forward towards the small camp situated on top of the cliff overlooking the trail. You’ll find the leader of this deadly cult, Incinerator Clayton, standing in front of one of the small huts. He’s impressed you went into the lair of the Firehawk and managed to come out alive. He sees you as a promising new pupil and sends you on your first mission.

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You’ll need to incinerate five bandits with an incendiary weapon and bring their ashes to Clayton. Simply walk your way down to the frozen lake below the cliff and you’ll find five perfectly good bandits to kill. Follow Lilith’s advice when it comes to the fire resistant bandits. Use a normal weapon until your enemies life bar drops to a sliver, then finish them off with an incendiary weapon to receive their ashes.

With the ashes in hand, bring them to Clayton who will reward you for your fanatical, but hard work.


Money: $111

Experience: 791

Item: random SMG or shield

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