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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest – Rock, Paper, Genocide

Note: This quest is actually broken down into smaller quests, but with how small they are this quest will just be one post. I will total the amount of experience at the bottom.

Time to visit everybody’s favorite gun salesman, Marcus Kincaid. You can find his shop on the eastern most part of town. Marcus is dealing with a customer who is looking for refund on a broken gun. Judging by the bullet Marcus plants in the mans knee the gun works perfectly. But, that’s not why we’re here.


Marcus wants to teach you a thing or two about elemental weapons. Walk through the door on your right and follow Marcus to the firing range. First up, are fire elemental weapons. These weapons are excellent against flesh, but weak against shielded enemies. Give the weapon a whirl on the Hyperion target dummy, who is actually quite alive.


Next up, are shock weapons. These weapons tear and rip through enemy shields to get to their fleshy parts to deal some real damge. Fire off a few rounds at the next Hyperion target and watch as his shields are depleted to nothing.


Now on to corrosive weapons. Flat out these are my favorite elemental weapons. They can wreak havoc on armored enemies like the Hyperion robots and armored soldiers. Even better, they can still deal some hardy damage to flesh as well. Hit the Hyperion robot target and his armor will be metaled through by the time you’re done firing off the last round.


After going through the familiar elemental weapons Marcus introduces you to the new elemental weapon on Pandora: slag. Created through the use of eridium, these weapons coat your enemy in a purple goo that makes the target more vulnerable to every other type of attack. We’re talking about both elemental and non-elemental weapon types here. Fire a few rounds at the “shoplifter” then pull out another weapon type to see the magic of slag at work.


Money: $172 (total)

Experience: 1932 (total)



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