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Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest – Plan B

With Roland missing the town Sanctuary is in a state of danger and they’re going to need your help to pull of their Plan B. Head towards the front gate of Sanctuary to speak with Private Jessup. As you approach Davis forces attention towards the sky as Hyperion starts bombarding the town. Thankfully, the power core you just provided is strong enough to protect the town.

Continue towards the gate where Jessup is standing. He opens the gate to let you in. He points you in the direction of the town mechanic, who knows how to get Plan B rolling. The mechanic’s shop is only a few steps from the gate on your left. If you haven’t guessed it already, the town mechanic is the ever loveable, redneck Scooter. His wits may be dull, but he knows everything about the cars on Pandora.

After assuming you’re a Hyperion robot, he welcomes you into his shop. Talk to him to learn more on how to make Plan B happen. You find out that Sanctuary is capable of flying and Roland left specific instructions to take off should he ever go missing. Scooter needs you to plug in some fuel cells to start the engine on this massive city.


Two of these fuel cells are right in the shop. The first is immediately to your left on a shelf next to a pair of lockers.  The second is at the top of the shop. The set of steps leading up to the second floor of the shop is to the right of where Scooter is standing. When you reach the top you’ll see the fuel cell sitting on another shelf. With both fuel cells in hand return to Scooter and he’ll hand the second form of currency on Pandora: eridium. Eridium allows you to buy expansions for your inventory and ammo.


You’ll need that eridium to buy a third power fuse from another old friend: Crazy Earl. His shop is on the east side of town marked by a sign that reads ‘Hostel’ with a slight purple glow. First you’ll need to plug in the first two fuel cells in the center of town before you can purchase the third from Crazy Earl. Earl will give the fuse to you along with the purchase of anything at his shop. Choose what you want to expand then head back to the center of town to plug in the last fuel cell.

Well what do you know? It doesn’t work. Now you’re really going to need to find Roland. Scooter suggests going to Roland’s place to see if he left any clues to his whereabouts.


His home is just north of the town center. Speak to the Crimson Raider guard standing outside and he’ll give you a key to let you in. You’ll see an ECHO recorder on a desk as soon as you enter his home to turn in the quest. Enjoy the extra gun deck and the rest of the reward. Roland’s home is now at your disposal with a nifty safe for your weapons and plenty of containers for you to loot. Now, it’s time to find out where Roland has gone.


Money: $19

Experience: 948

Gear: Weapon SDU



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