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Borderlands 2 Guide: Sir Hammerlock Quest-Shielded Favors

With every nasty beast and bandit gone from Liar’s Berg, Sir Hammerlock suggests a new shield would do you good for the trials ahead. The old Crimson Raiders outpost carries such equipment and Hammerlock points in that direction.

Leave Liar’s Berg by way of the northwest gate. The outpost is located west across an ice field follow the path down to a small bandit out post. Several bandits will appear to prevent you from reach the ice field, but put your guns and grenades to good use and they’ll be dead in no time. Hop down to the field and continue towards the outpost.

The outpost will be crawling with four bandits. Two on the lower walkway and two on the upper walkway. There is an incendiary barrel on the lower walkway. Keep your distance from the outpost so the guards remain unaware of your presence. When the two guards are both within range of the barrel shot it or lob a grenade to deal some incendiary damage. This will ultimately kill both guards, if not make them easier to kill. Then you’ll only need to take out the remaining two bandits which should be relatively simple since they’re only low level marauders.


Climb the steps to the second level and on your right is the lever to the elevator you need to reach the shields. Unfortunately, the lever is broken. According to Sir Hammerlock, ClapTrap had attempted to “integrate” with the machine. The robot attempts to defend himself over the ECHO, but also, more importantly, points in the direction to find the fuse to the lever. It’s short way south from the outpost and you’ll notice it by the massive electrical field flashing nearby.

This bandit outpost is crawling with marauders, psychos and some killer marauders to make things more difficult. There are couple elemental barrels in the vicinity. Follow the same tactics as the Crimson Raiders outpost you cleared. Take the bandits off guard by destroying the barrels, then heading in and sweeping the rest of them clean. As you move further into the camp more bandits will show up. One will nest himself in the red and steel gray building to the left of the electrical field. There is an explosive gas tank up on the balcony with him. Blow up the tank and he should no longer be a problem.

Now to get past the electrical field. Don’t listen to Claptrap when he tells you to run through it. You’ll just end up hurting yourself and looking like an ass. Shoot out the fuse box hidden behind the field and the electric wall will disappear. The fuse to the elevator is near the fuse box you shot. Grab it and get ready to fight some bullymongs. The angry apes will charge down from their nests as soon as you pick up the fuse. The group will consist of brats and adults so stay on your toes while taking them out.

With the fuse in hand head back to the elevator and plug it in. The elevator will descend will bring you to the safe house. Inside will be a vending machine with shields in plentiful stock. Grab one and head back to Sir Hammerlock to earn your reward for all your hard work.


Experience: 160

Money: $31

Item:  Random Character Skin



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