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Borderlands 2 Quest Guide – Blindsided

Borderlands 2 Gunzerker

Borderlands 2 – Blindsided

With your first gun in hand it’s time to go find Claptrap’s eye. Believing you’re his new minion, he’ll show you the way out of his home. Follow him through the door to the right of the cabinet where you received your first gun. Collect as much ammo and money in the backroom Claptrap leads you through before following him through the exit.

Follow Claptrap through the cold, harsh environment to start your search for his eye. Despite his blindness he has a good sense of where he’s going, so stick close to him and he’ll lead in the right direction. You’ll come to a clearing not far from Claptrap’s place where a pack of bullmongs attack. Put your new pistol to good use and pump vicious beasts full of led. Bullymongs are agile and tough creatures so keep your eyes on them at all times. Luckily most of the bullymongs here are weaker monglets, so killing them shouldn’t be much of a challenge.

More bullymongs burst through the ice wall and begin attacking. Brat bullymongs will appear with the monglets. They’re slightly tougher and they can also throw rocks as projectiles. Stay on the move as you fire at them or you’ll make yourself an open target. After killing the rest of the bullymongs continue following Claptrap through the tunnel the blue furred gorillas just made for you. The ground shakes for a moment as you as pass through the tunnel of ice. Jack’s been busy mining eridium on the planet in the hopes of opening this new vault. Once the ground stops trembling continue down the passage collecting loot from the containers as you go. The tunnel comes to a sheer drop, where Claptrap, of course, falls down getting himself stuck in the snow.

More bullymongs attack you once you’ve descended down the cliff side. Start firing away and remember to aim for their heads to take them down quickly. When all of the bullymongs are killed find Claptrap buried in the snow next to the cliff. Dig him out and continue on your way. Claptrap will lead you a cargo barge up to another clearing filled with broken down junk and cars. Oh, and Knuckle Dragger.


Boss: Knuckle Dragger

Bullymongs are tough creatures, but Knuckle Dragger is a whole other story. Taking him on is an endeavor, but one you can survive even with just a pistol. The blue beast acts very similar to other bullymongs in that he can rush you and throw projectiles your way. The projectiles is where the difference occurs. Instead of just throwing rocks he launch massive icicles and even the cars around the perimeter, at you. He can also corner you very easily in this arena, so the key here is to stay on the move and shoot at his head to land critical hits.

There are chunks of ice you can break around the arena area with health and ammo should you run low during the fight.

After whittling down his life bar to the half way point, Knuckle Dragger will retreat to high ground and allow the lesser bullymongs attack. The beasts crawl out of holes in the wall, or “wall sphincters” as Claptrap refers to them. Kill them and Knuckle Dragger comes in for round two. Follow the same strategy from the first round and he’ll be dead in no time. Collect the cash that drops from him along with Claptrap’s eye.

It looks like you won’t be able to put Claptrap’s eye back in him by yourself. He explains his friend Hammerlock will be able to help once you reach Liar’s Berg. Follow Claptrap up a winding ramp to higher ground and a Hyperion cargo dump. Claptrap fails miserably at trying to crack the door open, but the ever strange guardian angel helps hack open the door. Inside is a chest holding a shotgun and some ammo. Collect the gun and loot the rest of the room before turning in the mission to Claptrap. On to Liar’s Berg…


Experience: 53

Money: $10

┬áIf for some reason you need help with the first quest, Stiv has you covered with “My First Gun“.



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