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[News] Dawn of Fantasy Receives 40th Patch and Awesome Sale

Patches are always appreciated when developers place them in their game. It fixes these nuisances for a much more appealing gaming experience. After being out for almost a year Reverie World Studios will be applying the 40th patch to its MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy.

To mark the milestone Reverie is offering a worthwhile sale for newcomers to the game. The game itself will go on sale for $24.99 and will include a special gift for new players. This “welcome basket” will include an epic Haunter Dragon Unit and an army of rare Dwarven miners at your disposal. You’ll be saving yourself a respectable $20.

For those of you who are new to the game (as I am) the game revolves around holding your respective city and kingdom from attack. The siege focused gameplay creates some intense large scale battles comparable to some of the most epic Lord of the Rings fights.

Players can take control of three different races: Men, Elves and Orcs. Each faction has its own unique powers and play styles. Reverie even went so far to provide historical backgrounds to each faction, along with each group’s political motivations for fighting. All of this happening with in a persistent and ever changing world even when you log off for the evening (or morning). Reverie has taken the idea of endless gameplay literally.

While the game offers its persistent MMO mode those interested in playing on their own will be able to with its single player campaign. It works as Risk-style gameplay with a mix of skirmishes and MMO thrown in. You’ll also be given the option of three different campaigns you can accomplish. You can either unite your realm, take over the other two realms or simply conquer the whole world. The single player mode lacks some of the online features, but still provides much of the same fun as the online experience.

With its 40th patch ironing out the remaining wrinkles of the game you’ll be getting an awesome deal and a You can only find this deal on Reverie’s site; nowhere else. So if you’re just as interested as me in this game I highly recommend checking it out.




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