Tatts & Tarasques

Where to Watch/Listen:

We play every Monday at 6:30PM Australian (GMT+10:00) on Twitch; you can watch the video on Twitch immediately after we’re done broadcasting, and we put it up on YouTube immediately.

The Pirates

These are the player’s character sheets. They are the same ones the players are using at the table. Each player makes their own decisions about which character sheet to use.

Captain Pauly “The Parrot”

Was a parrot on a cloud giant’s pirate ship. Dreams of starting their own pirate gang. Pauly was hired by Thorendir to help make the festival happen

Thorendir Grimsbane (Aaron)

Mountain Dwarven Bard, Noble Backgorund. Heir to the Grimsbane fortune, wants to perform a great deed worthy of his namesake, not interested in money day to day. Cousin of Gundren Rockseeker, has been sent to work with his family to help increase the family legacy.

-Winfred (Jakub)

Bearkin Barbarian of the Yellow fur clan. Swore an oath to Thorendir to help until Iron Pot fixed, now that Iron pot is fixed has agreed to help as equals. Loves Honey, Bear puns, and Winnie the Pooh references.