Red Hand of Doom (Adventure)

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    The Official Story

    The dry hilltops danced with fire. Throughout the heart of the wild badlands the humans called the Wyrmsmokes, great bonfires had been kindled atop the ridges overlooking Elsir Vale. There thousands of warriors had gathered — hobgoblins in armor dyed scarlet, thick-thewed bugbear berserkers, goblin worg riders and skirmishers and archers, and the scaled ones as well, who often towered over the rest. For so long they had fought each other, tribe against tribe, race against race, engaged in the endless test of battle, feud, and betrayal. But tonight . . . tonight they stood together, hated enemies shoulder-to-shoulder, shouting together as brothers. And they saw that they were strong, and together they danced and sang and shook their blades at the smoke-hidden stars overhead.

    On the hundredth step he stopped and turned to face the waiting warriors. He was tall and strong, one of the hobgoblin chieftains, but dull blue scales gleamed along his shoulders, and jutting horns swept back from his head. “I am Azarr Kul, Son of the Dragon!” he cried. “Hear me, warriors of the Kulkor Zhul! Tomorrow we march to war!”

    War is gathering in the dry brown hills known as the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. As midsummer settles over the land, smothering everything in heat and dust, the fierce warriors of the Kulkor Zhul — “People of the Dragon” in the hobgoblin tongue — gather beneath the dreaded Red Hand banner, ready to sweep down out of the Wyrmsmokes and conquer the human lands below. Your player characters face an onslaught of fire and steel the likes of which few have ever seen.

    Red Hand of Doom (3rd Edition Adventure)

    Red Hand of Doom is an adventure module for the 3.5 edition of Dungeons & Dragons. It is designed as a generic D&D adventure that can be dropped into any campaign world, including a personal one. Instructions are given in the first pages of the module on where to place it in the worlds of Greyhawk, the Forgotten Realms, and Eberron (the three primary campaign settings of D&D at the time of release). The 4th edition Scales of War Adventure Path locates the setting of this adventure, the Elsir Vale, in the World of the Points of Light setting.

    The adventure was indicated as appropriate for characters of experience levels six to twelve, but the designers have stated that it is targeted to levels five to eleven. The adventure is expected to take players weeks, or even months, to complete.


    Part I: The Witchwood

    Marauder Attack
    Drellin’s Ferry
    Witchwood Random Encounters
    Jorr’s Cabin
    Blackwater Causeway
    Vraath Keep
    Old Warklegnaw
    Skull Gorge Bridge
    Goblin Raid
    Chimera Attack
    Massacre at Drellin’s Ferry

    Part II-A: The Elsir War

    Easy Skirmish
    Dirty Rotten Looters
    Mercenary Gold
    The Not-So-Sick Spy
    Barghest Reavers
    Marked for Death
    Into the Horde

    Part II-B: The Blackfens

    Blackfens Random Encounters
    Road Blockade
    Spawn of Tiamat
    Killiar’s Hunters
    Starsong Hill
    Lizardfolk Huts
    Bell Tower
    Town Hall
    The Elf Alliance

    Part III: The Ghostlord’s Lair

    Thornwaste Random Encounters
    Varanthian’s Lair
    The Lion’s Path
    Ooze Pit
    Guest Quarters
    The Pool of Rebirth
    Chamber of the Betrayed
    Shrine of Blight

    Part IV: Enemy at the Gates

    Audience with the Lords
    Save the Walls
    Rampage of Fire
    Streets of Blood
    The Coffin Maker’s Shop
    The Cathedral Steps
    Victory Points

    Part V: The Fane of Tiamat

    Wyrmsmoke Random Encounters
    The Mark of Tiamat
    Guard Barracks
    Torture Chamber
    Priest Cells
    Laryssa’s Kitchen
    Great Temple of Tiamat
    Cavern of the Guardian Spawn
    Outer Sanctum
    High Wyrmlord’s Chambers
    Inner Sanctum
    Tiamat’s Wrath




    Magic Items


    Red Hand of Doom 5th Edition

    For the Fancy Lads campaign I have been updating Red Hand of Doom into 5th edition and switching out the Hobgoblins into Orcs to better tie into a Player Character’s backstory.

    Mostly, you can sub in appropriate 5e monsters and things work well. (Though apparently Hell Hounds are tougher in 5e than they were in 3.5!). Reddit also stumbled across this thread: where someone’s done most of the work for about half the campaign.


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