What We’ve Been Playing Feb 2013

The staff at Non Fiction Gaming take some time to once again share their thoughts on the games they are currently playing.

London Games Festival Hosts Game Art Exhibit at London City Hall

Video game art has always been presented in an insular fashion. Small venues or companies, who are already video game-focused, have hosted such galleries. But as games have been more exposed to the public, many mainstream curators have been hosting their own video game art exhibitions. Now even public buildings are hosting game art in their halls. Across the pond,...

Our Most Anticipated Games of 2015

With 2014 almost a full month behind us, the Non-Fiction Gaming crew looks forward to 2015 in anticipation. Will this year bring us a better standard of gaming?

Favourite gaming collectibles

We all love video games here. We love the characters that we meet, the enemies, the stories, the objects and the places that we find, and we love the worlds we spend time in as a whole. This love can drive us to collect things related to some of our favourite worlds, ranging from figurines, clothing, replica weapons, art...

What We’ve Been Playing

This week at NFG has all being about The Secret World it would seem.  But mixed up in there we have prepared you for the next big zombie hit, The War Z. And also thrown in some Dawn of Fantasy and Mario for good measure. And as per usual below is what we've being playing for the week. So fellow...

What We’ve Been Playing

So the crew has been playing games this fortnight, as should be expected from people in our position. The question at hand is what have we been playing? Perhaps there has been stealthy murder afoot? Or maybe we've been conquering invading armies with small, but highly tactical militia? Read on and find out!  Senior Stiv This week I’ve been playing Dishonored’s two...

Our Best Party Game Picks

As gaming becomes increasingly social, gamers need to have a stock of titles for those special times of year. We polled our people on what games they just can't wait to break out when a few friends get together.

What Are You Playing This Week? June 2015

Looking for some game ideas for those cold winter nights? Check out what we've been playing in the last little while.