Nintendo Network

Iwata says that Nintendo is ready to sell full games via download on the new Network. Both the 3DS and Wii U will be capable of this in the future.

New Console Announcements for 2012

There has also been rumors from MCV UK that both Sony and Microsoft would be making announcements at this year's E3 about the next generation of consoles.

Xbox Update: More Than A Console

A new update is on its way from Microsoft for the Xbox 360. After some delays the new firmware will be rolling out in waves, the major changes will be taking advantage of the console's Internet connectivity features.

Steam’s Holiday Sale Is Here

The people that brought you Steam aim to keep gamers glued to their store page with new deals coming out daily.

Skyrim Mod Adds Online Co-Op

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim now has online multiplayer functionality thanks to a certain modder. Before Bethesda has released the customary modding tools for their new hit game, Ninja coder 'Awpsoleet' has uploaded a mod for playing Skyrim with others.

Humble Indie Bundle 3 – Worth Every Penny

This week the Humble Indie Bundle 3 came to a close. Having raised over a whopping 2Million dollars in just two weeks. Included was 7 indie games and an opportunity to play Minecraft until August 14, 2011.

Heroes Of Newerth Goes Free-To-Play

This week S2 Games has decided to bring their game Heroes of Newerth to the masses by making it free-to-play.

Banned Down Under – Classification Changes In Motion

According to 'The Interactive Australia 2009 report', The average age of the Australian gamer is 30, in the U.S the average age is even higher at 37.