[News] I Choose You! – Pokémon Conquest

Nintendo has announced that they’ll be bringing a new Pokémon game for the Nintendo DS to the Western world, called Pokémon Conquest.

[News] Here Comes The Men In Black Game

Activision have announced that the videogame Men In Black: Alien Crisis will hit shelves on 25th May alongside the release of the film Men in Black 3.

[News] I Am Alive Gets a PSN Release Date

Ubisoft's long-anticipated survival title I Am Alive will be released on the PSN in April according to announcements made this week.

[News] Bioware to Address Mass Effect 3 Ending

Ray Muzyka, co-founder of Bioware, addressed fans' problems with the game's ending directly.

[News] Bioware Looking at the Future of the Dragon Age Series

Many fans of Dragon Age: Origins were disappointed with the direction that Bioware went with DA II, and it seems that the developers are well aware of this.

[News] The Elder Scrolls MMO?

Rumors of a Bethesda and ZeniMax MMO have been floating around for quite a while.

[News] Diablo III Release Date Confirmed

Blizzard has finally set a release date for its long awaited dungeon-crawler Diablo III. The first thing you'll see if you head on over to the Battle.net page

[News] Double Fine Adventure Surpasses $3 Million

Schafer's initial goal for the project, which is currently known as Double Fine Adventure, was $400,000; a goal that was reached and then surpassed in only eight hours.

[News] Diablo 3: No PVP at Launch

In a post made on the official Diablo III website, Blizzard announced that the game will not feature PVP at launch.

[News] A Walking Dead Game… Social Game, That Is

Television network AMC is partnering with social entertainment company RockYou to create a social game based on the hit TV series The Walking Dead.