[News] Bioware to Address Mass Effect 3 Ending

Ray Muzyka, co-founder of Bioware, addressed fans' problems with the game's ending directly.

[News] Bioware Looking at the Future of the Dragon Age Series

Many fans of Dragon Age: Origins were disappointed with the direction that Bioware went with DA II, and it seems that the developers are well aware of this.

[News] The Elder Scrolls MMO?

Rumors of a Bethesda and ZeniMax MMO have been floating around for quite a while.

[News] Diablo III Release Date Confirmed

Blizzard has finally set a release date for its long awaited dungeon-crawler Diablo III. The first thing you'll see if you head on over to the Battle.net page

[News] Double Fine Adventure Surpasses $3 Million

Schafer's initial goal for the project, which is currently known as Double Fine Adventure, was $400,000; a goal that was reached and then surpassed in only eight hours.

[News] Diablo 3: No PVP at Launch

In a post made on the official Diablo III website, Blizzard announced that the game will not feature PVP at launch.

[News] A Walking Dead Game… Social Game, That Is

Television network AMC is partnering with social entertainment company RockYou to create a social game based on the hit TV series The Walking Dead.

[News] LulzSec Leader Turns Mole; Hacking Group Busted

According to reports, one of the co-founders of the elitist hacking group Lulzsec has turned his fellow hackers over to the FBI.

Mass Effect 3: Launch

Mass Effect 3 is set to release this week on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. North America: March 6 Australia: March 8 Europe: March 9, Japan: March 15

Jane Austen Literature Modernized for Facebook game

Inspired by the most unlikely of muses, Jane Austen, this hidden object adventure game will take place after the marriage of the well known couple Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy.