StarCraft II: What You Need to Know

Code A is where most pro-gamers arrive in their quest to become the world’s greatest StarCraft player. Here they fight it out for a spot to get into Code S.

Raptr – Integrating your Gaming Life to the Max

Raptr was founded in 2007 and after raising a cool $12 million from investors, they launched in 2008 and have been growing ever since.

Humble Bundle On Android: Time Running Out

If you don't like charities that fight for freedom and sick children, your cold heartless money can go towards the Humble Bundle team or indie developers instead.

Preview – Games in 2012

Other titles, like Resident Evil Revelations, Street Fighter X Tekken, Max Payne 3, Borderlands 2 and Grand Theft Auto V will also have our eyes on them and may be must-play games this year.

Welcome to Non Fiction Gaming

Here at Non Fiction we delve into the games you love to play. Each week we put together our ideas and experiences relating to the gaming industry.

Duke Nukem Decade – History In The Making

Duke Nukem. The King. The Legend. I know you didn't want to get your hopes up. Didn't want to open up yourself for the disappointment if this was another hoax.