Broken Age Act I Review: A Solid Adventure

vella and shay

Some of the first games I played were of the point-and-click adventure variety. As I found out about different kinds and, to a kid, more exciting games I forgot all about the genre and its joys. I forgot about the genre until Double Fine announced it would be collecting funds on Kickstarter to create Broken Age, an adventure game meant to bring back point-and-click to the masses. After several delays and some funding problems we finally have the first half of the game in our hands accomplishing what it set out to do.

Broken Age follows two separate stories of Vella, a girl from the town of Sugar Bunting, soon to be offered up as a sacrifice to the evil monster Mog Chothra who terrorizes her world. Then there is Shay, a boy aboard a spaceship with an overprotective AI program called Mother. His life is boring routine until he meets a stowaway on board who shows him some real adventure, but doesn’t reveal his full intentions either.





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