Wildlife Preservation Bloodwing Pt. 2

Wildlife Preservation Bloodwing is outta control.wildlife preservation bloodwing

As soon as you enter the Wildlife Preservation interior, you’ll find a health vendor and an ammo vendor right at the entrance. Restock and heal up as there is more fighting to do. Fight your way through the ruins and you come to a clearing with a giant mushroom and a bridge spanning across the river to the Specimen Maintenance building. This place also houses the holding cells where Bloodwing is being held. Hyperion isn’t going to make this easy for you, however. Several Hyperion loaders land in the clearing and will start assaulting you. Bring some corrosive weapons for all of them and any explosive weapons to deal with the PWR loaders.

The last wave will feature a Super Badass loader. Your best course of action here is to kill any remaining normal loaders to focus all of your attention on the Super Badass loader. When he falls make your way across the bridge to the holding cells. Mordecai comes over the ECHO to inform you Bloodwing is in one of these cells. There are several gruff creature, but with them being behind forced field covered cells there’s no need to worry. Before you head into Bloodwing’s holding cell check the room on the right to gather some supplies as well as opening a gun chest.

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