Side Quest – Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound

Our questionably, good friend Marcus seems to have forgotten something as Sanctuary lifted off. His stash of money is still in Sanctuary Hole. Unfortunate to say, but the place isn’t abandoned. The area is crawling with squatters and violent ones at that. It’s optional to kill all 25 of them, but they’re a nuisance and no one wants them in their old homes.

Use a quick travel station to reach Three Horns Divide, then work your way to Sanctuary Hole just north of your position. Once inside work your way to the center of the map where  Marcus’s safe is located. You’ll come across a few bandits as you start your way through the ruined area.

When you reach the location of the safe, you’ll over hear some of the bandits struggling with it. Just as you reach them the fools drop the safe into the abyss below. The only thing to do is to keep fighting your way down until you find it.

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