Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest – Plan B

With Roland missing the town Sanctuary is in a state of danger and they’re going to need your help to pull of their Plan B. Head towards the front gate of Sanctuary to speak with Private Jessup. As you approach Davis forces attention towards the sky as Hyperion starts bombarding the town. Thankfully, the power core you just provided is strong enough to protect the town.

Continue towards the gate where Jessup is standing. He opens the gate to let you in. He points you in the direction of the town mechanic, who knows how to get Plan B rolling. The mechanic’s shop is only a few steps from the gate on your left. If you haven’t guessed it already, the town mechanic is the ever loveable, redneck Scooter. His wits may be dull, but he knows everything about the cars on Pandora.

After assuming you’re a Hyperion robot, he welcomes you into his shop. Talk to him to learn more on how to make Plan B happen. You find out that Sanctuary is capable of flying and Roland left specific instructions to take off should he ever go missing. Scooter needs you to plug in some fuel cells to start the engine on this massive city.

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