Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest-A Dam Fine Rescue Pt.3


[Roland may have been taken by Hyperion, but that doesn’t mean this is over. Run through the recently made hole in the back of Roland’s cell and follow the loader. You’ll come to a wide open, destroyed part of the Stronghold. Several Hyperion bots will also make an appearance as well as more bandits. Don’t try to fight everybody and remain focused on following Roland and his captor. You’ll come to a left turn and the loader flies above the ramparts out of your reach. Follow the left turn and you’ll find the entrance to the ramparts above.

You’ll come to the top of the dam stronghold (see what I did there… never mind). The dam is being blasted apart by Hyperion forces and the bandits are being slaughtered by the bots. And what’s worse is Roland is getting further from your reach. Time to get moving soldier.

rampart toll[constructor

This will lead you to a small bridge. As you cross over the narrow bridge a GUN loader will be waiting for you above another crate tunnel on the bridge. Kill him and head through the next tunnel. You’ll come out to another bandit outpost being overrun by more bots. Let the bandits and bots fight it out then kill the remaining enemies in the area. The area won’t remain clear for long as more bots will come crashing down from the sky. Even worse, a badass loader comes crashing down with them. Retreat a little to get the GUN and EXP loaders to follow you. Destroying them first will allow you to focus all of your power on the badass loader.

Keep pressing forward through the endless assault of loaders. Keep an eye for surveyors as well. These flying minions are easy to kill, but they offer repair support for the loaders. Take them out to prevent them from helping the loaders repair.

You’ll eventually come to a bend in the dam. You’ll come to the final bandit outpost, being overrun bots. Keep fighting through them and move under the bridge spanning between the outpost  to the last of the bots. Head down the ramp and take a left towards the objective marker to find Roland and the constructor that took him.

war den