Non-Fiction Gaming Gaming and Geek Culture! Thu, 18 Jan 2018 01:25:53 +0000 en-AU hourly 1 League of Legends OPL lands Whopper of a Sponsorship in Hungry Jack’s Wed, 17 Jan 2018 08:48:43 +0000 KFC buckets have taken over the cricket, Big Macs feature prominantley on the screens of the AFL, and now you may be offered a Whopper with your Pentakill.

Hungry Jack’s has carved out their niche in the Aussie esports scene by partnering with the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League (OPL).

league of legends opl crowds

Riot Games Oceania today announced that the fast food chain has signed on as the presenting partner of the OPL 2018 Season – a move that further highlights the growth of esports in Oceania.

This announcement follows Hungry Jack’s parent company Burger King forming an esports team overseas of their own last year.

Part of the partnership has Hungry Jack’s offering food vouchers in the OPL Tipping that happens each season. The players who tip the best each split will receive HJ’s food vouchers. Other prizes for the season continue to be ‘Riot Points’ the in-game purchasable currency for League of Legends.

Hungry Jacks

The new partnership is a big leap forward for the growing Australian esports and League of Legends communities. Daniel Ringland, Riot Games’ Head of Esports was proud to welcome the fast food giant into the rift.

“This partnership is a strong indicator that League of Legends esports is being more widely recognised as a professional sport,

“The OPL has come so far over the past four years and it’s great to bring on a partner like Hungry Jack’s, who share our passion for building the league and providing our fans with the best esports experience in this region. Oceanic fans and pro players deserve a professional, ever evolving esports ecosystem and building that requires partners like Hungry Jack’s.”

“Through the partnership with Hungry Jack’s, we’re going to be able to offer fans a range of rewarding experiences. The first initiative we have launched is a tipping platform where players can put their OPL knowledge to the test, compete against their friends and win League of Legends and Hungry Jack’s prizes.”

Hungry Jack’s also plans to engage in-game with fans, though it isn’t clear yet what form that would take.

“Hungry Jack’s is committed to growing esports in the Oceanic region, and by backing the OPL we’ll be able to support fans and help local League of Legends teams reach the next level of international competition,” said Scott Baird, Hungry Jack’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Last year we took to GG EZ the esports bar in Melbourne to watch the League of Legends OPL. Having a Pub style burger and beer was the perfect accompaniment for watching competitive gaming. Hungry Jack’s has stiff competition if it wants me to switch to their burgers during the Grand Final.

The 2018 OPL season will kick off on 20 January with 8 teams competing over 11 weeks for the Split 1 Championship and the opportunity to attend the Mid-Season Invitational, the second largest international League of Legends tournament aside from the World Championship, which attracts over 60 million unique viewers.

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Super Mario Odyssey: Emily and Dan – PART 1 Wed, 17 Jan 2018 08:04:59 +0000 Super Mario Odyssey is the hot new Mario game for the Nintendo Switch.

Emily and I sat down this week and put on funny hats in our attempt to stop Bowser. Can this dynamic duo rescue Princess Peach and the little sister of a ghost hat?

One major shake-up in the classic Mario formula comes in the form of our new friend: Cappy. When Mario throws this cap companion, he has the ability to embody whatever it lands on.

This ranges from traditional enemies such as bullet bills, chain chomps, and goombas, and Emily’s favourite: a frog.  This bizarre ability often leads to hilarious and unexpected results.

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Bajo on the Future of Twitch Streaming After Good Game – PAX Australia 2017 Wed, 01 Nov 2017 02:51:57 +0000 Steven “Bajo” O’Donnell has moved on from Good Game and Good Game Spawn Point (Announced Tuesday night) to focus on livestreaming.

We caught up with him at PAX AUS to discuss how he’s finding the transition into Twitch streaming and his plans for the future.

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You may know Bajo from his 11 year stint on ABC’s Good Game co-hosting alongside Jeremy “Junglist” Ray, and then Stephanie “Hex” Bendixsen.

While we hold him up as the Noni Hazlehurst or possibly Mr Squiggle of video games, Bajo remains adamant he could never compare to Mr Squiggle.

He’s also the co-author of two children’s books: Dig World, and Dragon Land in 2016 with then co-host Hex.

In this video we discuss:

  • How to get started Twitch Streaming like Bajo
  • Why building a livestream community around positivity is important.
  • What Bajo thinks of the latest season of Doctor Who, Star Trek Discovery, and more…

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The Best and Worst of PAX Australia 2017 – Game Club Podcast 16 Sun, 29 Oct 2017 20:00:57 +0000 PAX Is over! But our excitement is not.

Charles and Dan break down the best and worst of PAX AUS 2017 in this special episode of Game Club.

There’s more good than bad at the highlight of the nerd’s year down under. But it’s worth talking about who’s doing things well in this space and who needs to lift their game.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Monster Hunter World
  • Legend of the Five Rings
  • Amazing computer builds and peripherals
  • Interview with Bajo from Good Game
  • Teaching Dungeons & Dragons in the Diversity Lounge
  • Star Trek Bridge Crew
    • Forts
    • Dead Static Drive
    • Veil of Crows
  • Struggling Tabletop Start Ups
  • Jedi Challenges
  • Sparkle Kitty
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Monster Hunter, Dice & Bajo from Good Game PAX AUS 2017 Day One Sat, 28 Oct 2017 08:49:31 +0000 Your first day of PAX Aus is over and the next has begun.

In this issue, you’ll discover the hot new trends to look out for on the show floor, or if you can’t make it down to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre I’ve got you covered.

Monster Hunter World

First of course was to check out the new offering from Capcom on the Playstation 4. I was a little worried with the jump from Nintendo to Playstation (partly because I don’t own a Playstation) as Monster Hunter to me has always been cute and cartoony.

Going for realistic graphics hasn’t hurt the game the way I thought it would. The mechanics are solid and from the demo level played it’s got all the hunting and collecting you’ve come to expect from a MH game.

Some fun little additions include the ‘fireflies’ that help you see out materials and monster tracks. While I wasn’t able to get into the game much further, it felt great to be actually looking for monster tracks, droppings and leavings to find my prey.

Level Up Dice

Remember when dice were just plain coloured plastic? Once upon a time the early dice with more sides than 6 came with a crayon to draw on your own numbers. Level Up dice show us just how far we’ve come from those days.

Level Up Dice

The first thing that stands out are the mdifferent metal dice on offer. Each one has their number etched to different depths to make sure they’re still random. ‘Caged’ dice don’t look like the should work at all, but after a few rolls it’s the pent-ultimate status symbol at the table.

Of course, the one that has to be felt to be believed is the ‘Table Destroyer’. Made from tungsten which is known as being one of the toughest things found in nature. It is a super dense and almost impossible to melt. Perfect for those rolls that pit you against a red dragon.

Steven ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell from Good Game

Our second big interview for the day was with the Good Game Spawn Point host. Taking time out of his new Twitch stream schedule we talked for 20min about the changing nature of media and the lovely Bajonians.

If you’re excited to see what Bajo has been up to since Good Game ended the video will be up on the website within the next few days.

His idea for a Halloween costume will shock you.




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Puppies at PAX Aus thanks to Activision & Australian Working Dog Rescue Thu, 26 Oct 2017 05:44:16 +0000 DESTINY 2 ‘SUPPAWTS’ AUSTRALIAN WORKING DOG RESCUE INT AT PAX AUS, TO RAISE AWARENESS ‘FOR THE PUPPIES’

Tomorrow, Activision is bringing the iconic line from the Destiny 2 live action trailer ‘For The Puppies’ to life by helping raise awareness for non profit charity, Australian Working Dog Rescue Int (AWDRI).

As part of the partnership, Activision and AWDRI will be bringing real-life puppies to PAX AUS, Australia’s largest gaming expo, taking place from 27-29th October at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

Whilst players in Destiny 2 are on a mission to save earth in the game, AWDRI are on a mission to save the puppies. Staffed by volunteers, the AWDRI find new homes for working dog breeds to rescue them from being euthanased in council pounds and shelters.

At the event, volunteers will be driving awareness and handing out limited edition Destiny 2 dog biscuits available exclusively at PAX in exchange for a gold coin donation to help raise charity funds.

Among the attending pups will be Scarlett (iconic Red Dog lookalike!), their two best performance dogs and Nimble – a star in her own right and an Ambassadog for AWDRI. Nimble has starred in a short film, graced the front cover of Woman’s Day and is even a world record holder in the dog high jump and current Australian record holder for a distance catch with a frisbee.



To find out more information on how to support AWDRI you can visit their website or visit the Facebook page

PAX Aus Puppies

To see the full PAX schedule for a rundown of events, visit:


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Wargaming Launches ANZ World of Tanks Servers Tue, 17 Oct 2017 23:19:42 +0000 Prime time Aussie and NZ servers to go live on November 1, 6pm – 12am AEDT

WoT ANZ server image

Following the growth of the local World of Tanks community, Wargaming has confirmed they are launching a local server for Australian and New Zealand players on November 1, 2017.

The locally hosted server is a game changer for the widely popular, 15 vs 15 tank combat PC title, World of Tanks, which will see faster ping rates and greater connectivity.

Travis Plane, Wargaming Australia New Zealand Country Manager, hopes the launch of the prime time server will increase game play amongst current players, and bring back lapsed players of the team-based massively multiplayer online action game.

“Tankers can now storm the battlefield, roll in guns blazing and ambush their opponents’ quicker, making team combat more intense, fun and enjoyable.

“A local server is the number one request from our community and we are finally rolling them out on November 1, from 6pm – 12am AEDT. It’s a long time coming but we hope that our players and the community can see that we’re truly committed to investing in Australia and New Zealand.

“As our player numbers grow and the matchmaking continues to improve, we plan to widen these hours and are aiming for a full-time local server in 2018,” said Travis.

Jungwon Hahn, Wargaming Asia-Pacific General Manager, said Wargaming is intently focused on player happiness.

“The World of Tanks PC community is growing year on year, with over 130 million players worldwide. Some of our most passionate tankers are based in Australia and New Zealand and it’s exciting to be finally giving our community what they’ve been asking for,” said Jungwon.

To celebrate the launch of the local Australian server, Wargaming are hosting Australian and New Zealand player gatherings in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne.

The Auckland player party will be held on Friday 20 October, the Melbourne player party on Thursday 26 October and the Sydney player party, on Wednesday 1 November.

For more information about Wargaming, World of Tanks, or to download the game, visit

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Game Club Podcast Mon, 16 Oct 2017 23:14:40 +0000 XCOM Game Club Podcast

Put together you team of para-military badass mofo’s and kick some serious alien butt. Or in Catherine’s case, send wave after wave of raw recruits to their death until the enemy loses the will to fight. This week Game Club discusses:

Bladerunner 2049, Cinema etiquette (i.e. if it’s ok for Catherine to abuse unsuspecting movie goers…), the dark world of Everwing and this week’s Game Club game – XCOM: Enemy Unkown.

Join your first and last line of defence against alien invasion: Catherine, Charles and Dan as they take on a new game each fortnight to discover the best indie gaming has to offer.

Intro – 0:00

Nerd Week – 1:06

XCOM Enemy Unknown – 12:20

XCOM Quiz – 39:24

Game Recommendations – 48:25

Next Week on Game Club – 50:29

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XCOM: Enemy Unown

Released in 2012, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn based tactical game developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2k.

The game is a ‘reimagined’ remake of the 1994 Cult classic UFO: Enemy Unkown (XCOM: UFO Defense).

Set in the near future (2015) during an alien invasion, you’re put in charge of an elite multinational paramillitary organisation called XCOM that is tasked with defending earth.

Between missions the game has you building up your base, researching advanced technology and managing your troops and finances.

The main part of the game is the turn-based tactical missions where you take troops into locations to kill or capture alien enemies.


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Next time of PAX Australia…. and Yoshi’s Island

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Gaming Marathon to Raise Money for MS Australia Sat, 14 Oct 2017 01:56:11 +0000
On Saturday 4th November I’ll be kicking off a marathon 24 hours of gaming. Laura Verrier, Keagan Watkins, Tyler Jefferson and I will be playing games in the name of charity.
Specifically to support those living with Multiple Sclerosis.
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition of the central nervous system, interfering with nerve impulses within the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves.
MS affects over 23,000 in Australia and more than two million diagnosed worldwide. Most people are diagnosed between the ages of 20-40, but it can affect younger and older people too. Roughly three times as many women have MS as men.
Funds raised during the 1UP Gaming Marathon will be going to MS Australia. As we get closer to the date I will be throwing donation incentives up but I urge you to commit to action now.
We will be playing an assortment of tabletop and video games over the 24 hours and I will gladly take suggestions if they’re accompanied with a donation.
Due to a miscommunication Tyler and I accidently created separate teams and a rivalry was born.
I’ve assured him that raising money for the charity comes first and my drive to win comes second… however that’s because I don’t want him to get his hopes up. It’s evident that you’re a better quality of person than the kind of riff-raff that donates on his page.
In fact, I’ve put our donation goal at $1 above his and will continue to update it as he also contributes to this worthy cause.
I know that each of you taking the time to read this will do what they can to help support this cause. Any support you can provide is valuable including donations, sharing, and words of encouragement.
We will be providing updates as we get closer to the event itself and part of the event will be livestreamed/recorded so you can take part and provide challenges.
For more information go to or the event page:
You could even join the team if you want to partake at home!
Be ready for me to be spruiking this on the Podcast, Facebook, through sticky notes in your bathroom, and of course the Non-Fiction Gaming website.
-Daniel Ryan
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Yoshi Cuphead Controversy and SNES Mini Classic – Game Club News Mon, 09 Oct 2017 11:14:33 +0000

Catherine is away training with monks in the QLD mountains to become a better PC gamer. So Charles and Dan catch up on the latest online outrage.

Is the SNES Mini Classic any good? (Yes, yes it is). Charles is ranked pretty high in Star Wars Destiny… beat that Catherine.

Next week we promise to discuss XCOM: Enemy Unkown…

Nerd Week –



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