League of Legends Ocean Week Begins On Oceanic Servers


Janna League of Legends Ocean Week

Riot Games has announced that it is running ‘Ocean Week’, an in-game event for League of Legends players on the Oceanic servers from January 23th – 31st.

In the Summer promotional event, summoners are being called upon to defend seven major cities across Oceania from a mysterious, marine terror fast approaching our Southern shores. Thousands of players are expected to enlist to protect the seven key locations:

Ocean Week Battle Dates

  • Battle 1 (January 23 – 24): Melbourne
  • Battle 2 (January 25): Perth
  • Battle 3 (January 26): Adelaide
  • Battle 4 (January 27): Auckland
  • Battle 5 (January 28): Suva (Fiji)
  • Battle 6 (January 29): Brisbane
  • Battle 7 (January 30 – 31): Sydney

Every city will have a points total that needs to be reached to successfully defend it. For every city that is saved, a new reward tier will be unlocked. If all the cities are saved and the final battle is won, the grand prize will be unlocked: a community mural with your summoner name on it featured in a major city in Oceania.

Ocean Week Rewards



Requirement: Defend 1 city

10 extra champions will join the free rotation soon after this is unlocked.


Requirement: Defend 2 cities

After this reward is unlocked, you’ll be able to Mystery Gift yourself for 7 days. During this period, the chance of getting a Legendary skin will double.


Requirement: Defend 3 cities

If you contributed at least 1 point during Ocean Week, you’ll receive this icon in an upcoming patch cycle if this is unlocked. Note this could take a few patches to be delivered!


Requirement: Defend 4 cities

This will unlock a Double IP Weekend for the entire server. It will be turned on for the first weekend after it unlocks.


Requirement: Defend 5 cities

If you contributed at least 4 points during Ocean Week, you’ll receive a random champion that you don’t currently own. If you have all the champions, then you’ll get a free mystery skin instead. This reward distributed in the days after Ocean Week ends if it is unlocked.

ocean week content


Requirement: Win the final battle (and defend 5 cities)

If you contributed at least 10 points towards Ocean Week, your summoner name will be recorded on a wall mural in a major Oceanic city – but only if this reward is unlocked. The mural will be created by the winner of the Fan Art Contest, in collaboration with a professional artist. The mural will be there for between 6 and 12 months (depends on local regulations). The final battle will take place in the last 2 days of Ocean Week.

Summoners can win the opportunity to collaborate with a professional artist on the mural by entering their artwork in the Ocean Week fan art competition. Cosplayers can also enter the cosplay competition by simply taking a photo of themselves fighting the dark terror of Ocean Week, or defending Oceania from the onslaught.

Ocean Week Cosplay contest

Last year, players unlocked the main Ocean Week prize in only 3 days: an artificial reef shaped as Nautilus, which will be placed on the sea floor just off the Australian coast.

You can read up and enlist in Ocean Week on the official League of Legends website here.

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